Are You Using The Right Toothpaste?

It might be wise to sit down with a qualified Manchester dentist to discuss what toothpaste you’re using, as an expert in restorative dentistry has said that some of the products that can be bought in the supermarket can actually be quite damaging to our oral health.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, member of the Royal College of Surgeons Dr Tony Talbot advised people to look beyond marketing messages and think about what they are actually buying, taking note of the various chemicals to be found in the different pastes.

For example, 85 per cent of toothpastes contain sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), which is used as a wetting agent to allow peppermint oil to mix with water so they don’t separate in the tube. SLS in fact does a lot to open the gaps between the skin cells in our mouths, so carcinogens and toxins can get in. This can often cause abrasions and irritation inside the mouth.

Triclosan (used to prevent gum disease but which has a chemical in it that has been linked to cancer cell growth) is also concerning to Dr Talbot, who said: “There was an outcry about products containing this ingredient in the US last year. It is still present in UK versions, though. Some animal model studies have shown triclosan has an effect on hormone activity and potential for carcinogenic activity.”

If you’re worried and aren’t sure which toothpaste to buy, it would certainly be a good idea to talk to your professional dentist about it. They’ll be able to advise you which products to look for and which to avoid putting in your shopping basket.