Its Mouth Cancer Action Month

13th November 2014

November is Mouth Cancer Action Month, with the British Dental Health Foundation and the dentists Manchester city centre has on its books, as well as those around the UK, campaigning to raise awareness of the disease and save lives through early detection and prevention. The disease kills over 2,000 people each year in the UK,…

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How To Beat Odontophobia

You might not recognise the word ‘odontophobia’ but you may very well be aware of the fear and panic the condition all too often instils in many people. So many adults out there are terrified of going to visit dentists in Manchester and elsewhere, but luckily there is a lot you can do to manage…

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Top Tips For Fresh Breath

With Christmas just around the corner, there are bound to be sprigs of mistletoe appearing here, there and everywhere – so you may want to make sure your breath is as fresh as possible in case you do find yourself giving out some unexpected kisses. As one of the private dentists in Manchester city centre,…

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Sugar Content In Kids Fruit Juices Alarming

13th October 2014

Supposedly healthy children’s fruit juices, drinks and smoothies apparently have very high levels of sugar, with more than a quarter of products either having the same amount or more than Coca Cola (which has five teaspoons per 200ml). Drinking such juices could mean your children have to visit one of the dentists Manchester has available…

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Protect Your Teeth, Avoid Caffeine

If you’re thinking of giving something up this January, consider talking to your choice of the dentists Manchester has available to discuss the benefits of not drinking coffee. According to London-based dentist Dr Sameer Patel, talking to the Daily Mail, coffee serves to dehydrate your mouth, which can cause bad breath since there’s less saliva…

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Water And Milk Best For Kids

13th September 2014

Parents concerned about the recent news story revealing that many children’s juices contain at least six teaspoons of sugar have been advised to give their young ones water and milk instead. Always giving them fruit juice at the dinner table could mean more visits to the emergency dentist in Manchester city centre in the future….

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Diabetics Reminded Of Mouth Cancer Risks

13th August 2014

Those with diabetes have been reminded of the importance of knowing the mouth cancer symptoms, as a recent study found that they are in fact nearly 50 per cent more likely to develop head and neck cancer, with diseases relating to the mouth and throat the most common areas for diagnosis. If you’re concerned, visit…

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Avoid Over-Bleaching Your Teeth

13th July 2014

Many of us go to the dentists Manchester has on its books for teeth-whitening treatments in an effort to have a gorgeous Hollywood smile, but you need to make sure that you aren’t over-bleaching, as this can cause your gums to recede and your tooth enamel to be permanently damaged. Using a variety of shop-bought…

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Poorer People Have Fewer Teeth

13th June 2014

The private dentists Manchester has on its books may well have noticed that poorest people in society have fewer teeth, with a new study revealing that those with lower income, higher deprivation, lower educational achievement and lower occupational class have eight fewer teeth when they reach their 70s than the richest. According to researchers at…

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How To Brush Your Teeth

13th May 2014

It’s important to brush your teeth well so you can keep any dental problems at bay, so ask the dentists Manchester has available for some advice the next time you go – and make sure you follow our tips as well. You need to make sure that you’re brushing your teeth for around two minutes…

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