Taking Care Of Your Oral Health As You Age

Taking Care Of Your Oral Health As You Age

From a young age, taking care of your oral health is something that we are trained to do by our parents. However, as we age, there are other things to keep in mind when it comes to your dentition and how to take care of your oral hygiene. Today we’re going to discover some of the best ways to keep your teeth in top condition as you age. As a dentist in Manchester we will be here to assist you throughout your life and ensure that your teeth continue to support you no matter what else you are going through at this stage in your life.

Taking Care Of Your Oral Health As You Age

Continue a Regular Brushing Routine

Even if you now have crowns or other false teeth in your mouth, it’s so important to continue a good brushing routine with “old” teeth. We are sometimes asked is it too late to start brushing teeth, and the answer is that no, it’s never too late. No matter what routine you’ve been following your whole life, it’s time to ensure you are brushing your teeth twice a day. If you have crowns, ensure that you are flossing between them, especially if you have tight teeth. Even if life is hectic and stressful, taking two minutes out each morning and evening will make a huge difference to your oral hygiene.

Chygiene. Changing Your Toothbrush and Toothpaste

As your teeth age, you may need to adjust the toothpaste and toothbrush you are using to support the changes that have occurred within your mouth. A dentist in Manchester will be able to support you in choosing the right option for your needs. Many older people find their teeth and gums feel weaker, so a soft bristle toothbrush is typically the best option. Teeth age differently in each one of us, which is why the toothbrush and toothpaste we use are so important. You can also consider finding a toothpaste that works to protect and strengthen your teeth, which a dentist in Manchester city centre will also recommend to you.

Strengthening Teeth Later On in Life

You may be wondering how to strengthen teeth naturally as you age, which is one of the most common concerns. Firstly, we recommend looking at your toothpaste and choosing one that offers a higher fluoride content and strengthening properties. You’ll also want to think about the food you are eating and consider if you are doing damage to your teeth with your daily habits. Finding a good dentist is one of the most important things for anyone to do at any stage of their life. You need to be able to trust your dentist to ask the questions that will help you to keep your teeth safe and healthy, so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of a strong set of teeth in the later years of your life.

Book Regular Dentist Appointments and Check-Ups

Many older people think they don’t need to visit the dentist as often as they did in the past. Even if you only have a few real teeth left in your mouth, we recommend booking appointments at least twice a year for a check-up. The dentist you go to will be able to help with your overall oral hygiene, which is something that people tend to neglect later on in life. Bad breath and damaged gums can be a horrible experience for anyone, but regular professional teeth and mouth cleaning can help to avoid these. A dentist will also be able to discuss your lifestyle and the ways in which you might be damaging your teeth, so you can make easy adjustments to enjoy a better quality of life.

Accept the Changes to Your Teeth as You Age

It can be hard to see our bodies change as we age, but some changes to your teeth are unfortunately unavoidable. Even if you’ve had straight, white teeth your whole life, you may find they become more discoloured as you age. This can sometimes be avoided by your diet and lifestyle, but it’s normal for teeth to become more yellow as you get older. Regular brushing and dental check-ups are the best way to protect your teeth and keep them looking as good as possible for years to come.

A dentist in Manchester will be here to support you no matter your age and ensure you keep up good dental habits for as long as possible. Our team will be here to answer your questions about dental hygiene and keep your mouth in the best possible condition for years to come. Contact us today with any questions you have about dental hygiene or to book your next dental appointment with our team.