Common Myths About Invisible Braces

Debunking common myths about invisible braces

Invisible braces are now offered by dentists across the country to help clients discreetly improve the appearance of their smile. As they are a newer type of dental treatment, we still find that some clients are dubious about the benefits of these braces. Today we’re going to discover some of the myths about invisible braces and set you straight about some of the incorrect information you may have heard about invisible braces. Visit our page to learn more about the services we offer and to discover more about the benefits of Smilelign.

Invisible Braces Are Only for Teenagers

Braces are often seen as something that younger patients would invest in, but this is one of the most common invisible braces misconceptions. The invisible braces age limit is not set to just teenagers, and we see many adults looking to improve their smile at various stages of their lives. The great thing about the Smilelign procedure is that it’s much less invasive than other types of dental treatment. Our team will be happy to assess the current state of your teeth and then work with you to put together a plan to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of. We can also discuss any other treatment you may need or work around past treatments if that’s something you are concerned about.

Invisible Braces Are Less Effective Than Traditional Braces

Another invisible braces common myth is that they are less effective than traditional braces. This isn’t the case at all, and if you look at before and after pictures from invisible braces treatments, you’ll see the results that our clients get are absolutely incredible. Invisible braces use modern technology to map out your treatment, so in many cases are much more effective for getting the results you desire. The truth about Smilelign is that we can help you to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of. During the initial consultation, we will map out the treatment and help you to get an idea of what your smile will look like by the end of our time working together.

Invisible Braces Are Too Expensive

Invisible braces myths about the cost of this treatment started when the treatment was less commonly offered. Now that many dentists across the UK offer this treatment, it is affordable and very competitively priced. Our team will be very transparent about the cost during our initial consultation and can work with you to offer different payment plans that will help to spread out the cost if needed. We know that everyone’s personal financial situation is different, but this is one of the best long-term investments you’ll make for your health and wellbeing.

Invisible Braces Can Never Be Removed

One of the big differences between invisible braces and traditional braces is that you are able to remove these braces to eat, drink and brush your teeth. This is another of the great benefits of this treatment, as you don’t have to worry too much about food getting trapped in the braces. Brushing your teeth is essential to carry out twice a day while undergoing this treatment, and by removing the braces, you’ll still be able to give them a thorough brush each day. Our team will carefully explain the number of hours a day you need to keep the braces in and will support you by sharing our top tips for wearing invisible braces.

Invisible Braces Are Painful

Any type of dental treatment comes with a level of fear for many people. Braces of any type work to slowly shift the teeth into a straighter line to ensure that you get the results and winning smile you’ve always dreamed of. Naturally, this will come with some discomfort as your teeth start to shift, but this will ease off over time and shouldn’t disturb you from carrying out your everyday tasks. The great thing about invisible braces is that they don’t get tightened in the way that metal braces do, so you are only likely to feel the shifting pain when you first put in a new tray to keep progressing through your treatment.

By getting to the bottom of some of the common myths about invisible braces, you can work to change your smile for good and boost your confidence and appearance. Invisible braces are ideal for patients of all ages and will help to make you feel happy with your smile each day when you look in the mirror. Our team will be happy to answer all of the questions you may have about invisible braces and work with you to get the results you desire. During our initial consultation, we can go through any concerns you have to ensure you are happy with the treatment that will follow. Contact us today to book your first appointment with our team.