Cosmetic dentistry at 207 Dental Care

There are many ways that your smile can be improved by the team at 207 Dental Care including:

207 Dentalcare

  • Composite Fillings

These can be used to restore decayed teeth that have occurred over time, using a mixture of tooth-coloured plastic and glass mix. Composites can create a fabulous cosmetic smile by changing the colour of the teeth of reshaping a disfigured tooth.

  • Life-like crowns

Today’s modern materials make the life-like crown a real contender in the competition (Gold) for longevity. They last a long time, are easier to fit, and provide a life-like look and feel to your smile.

  • Inlays

We use only the best materials and research what is best for our patient’s smiles. We like saving teeth where we can and using an inlay, or filling, a cavity if fitted into the tooth and cemented in place to save the tooth.

  • Bridges

A bridge is made up of two crowns; one on each tooth on either side of the gap. They provide an anchor which is thwn called an abutment. A false tooth/teeth is placed in between this, creating a bridge. A bridge can be a very effective way of repairing missing or damaged teeth.

We can quickly and effectively improve the aesthetics of any tooth using a layer (veneer) of porcelain or composite. This allows us to improve the shape, look and feel of small, chipped, misshapen teeth in your mouth.

  • Tooth reshaping.

An instant fix for a more aesthetically pleasing smile. We can re-shape or contour your tooth/teeth by altering the length, shape or position of the tooth for a perfect smile.

If you are unhappy with your smile then discuss it with the 207 Dental Care team and we will show you what we can do for you!

We’re here to help you to make the most of your smile, so call us today on 0161 8340606 and book your initial consultation.