How To Achieve A Bright White Smile

People going to see a private dentist in Manchester and asking for teeth whitening treatments is an increasing occurrence, as they try to achieve the perfect smile – but, of course, maintaining your new look does require a bit of effort on your part as well, so do all you can to limit your intake of produce that could stain your teeth.

There are lots of foods you can eat that can do a lot to help keep your teeth look whiter, such as apples, celery, raw carrots and popcorn. The rough edges on these can help to remove any bacteria in your mouth, so if you’re out and about and don’t have your toothbrush to hand think about finishing your meal with one of them to act as a natural kind of cleanser.

Not only is smoking incredibly bad for your lungs, it’s also one of the quickest ways to ensure that your smile won’t be quite as bright as you’d like so for the good of your teeth and your overall health, consider quitting as soon as you can.

If your weakness is wine rather than cigarettes, perhaps think about switching from red to white, as red can really cause a lot of discolouration. If you seriously can’t imagine a world without a spot of claret, however, follow it up with a glass of water as this will do a lot to minimise any staining.

By choosing to follow a few simple rules, you can make sure that the teeth whitening treatments you’ve gone for will last for longer. To see what else can be damaging to your teeth, have a read of this article in the Daily Mail.