How To Brush Your Teeth

It’s important to brush your teeth well so you can keep any dental problems at bay, so ask the dentists Manchester has available for some advice the next time you go – and make sure you follow our tips as well.

You need to make sure that you’re brushing your teeth for around two minutes just before you go to bed and at least once at another point during the day. It probably makes sense to do it in the morning as well before you leave for work so you can get into a proper routine and never forget to do it.

Try to use a fluoride toothpaste where possible and when it comes to choosing a brush, look for one with a small head and short, compact bristles. If you’d rather use an electric brush, opt for a one with a rotating head as this can really help to keep your teeth clean.

Brush the surfaces of all your teeth, inside and out as well as the chewing surfaces. Spit out any excess paste when finished but don’t rinse with mouthwash or water. When it comes to children, they should be helped or supervised with brushing until at least seven years of age.

Flossing regularly is also a great way of reducing plaque and tackling gum disease. You can use normal floss or buy dental sticks to really help you deal with any problem areas in your mouth. Chat to your dentist to see what they’d recommend and which products they think are the most effective.