How Your Diet Affects Your Oral Health

Dental health and your diet

Our diet has a huge impact on our overall health and wellbeing. While it’s okay to treat ourselves once in a while, it’s important to focus on eating a balanced and healthy diet that offers you all the nutrients and minerals that are required for a healthy life. Today we’re going to discover more about dental health and your diet and how the little choices you make each day can improve your oral hygiene and condition of your teeth. Working with an office offering dental around me can help you to make these changes and offer you support if you do have concerns about your teeth or oral hygiene in the future.

Prevent Gum Disease

When looking at how your diet affects your oral health, it’s important to include fruit, vegetables, minerals, and vitamins into your diet each day. If you find you can’t get the required nutrients from your food, consider adding a supplement to your diet. When you eat a healthy and balanced diet, you can prevent gum disease in the future just by tailoring what you eat each day. Oral health and your diet are much more closely linked than some people think, and you can help to reduce the chances of more serious concerns in the future when you make these changes.

Stop Bad Breath

Another area of concern for many people when it comes to their diet and health is bad breath. If you eat a lot of strong foods containing garlic and onion, you are more likely to have concerns with this. That’s not to say you shouldn’t eat these food items, as they can actually be very good for your health. You just need to make sure you look after your oral hygiene by brushing your teeth and working with a city centre dental practice to avoid issues in the long run. Brushing your teeth soon after a meal can stop pieces of food from getting stuck in between your teeth and plaque building up. These are often common causes of bad breath, but a city centre dentist can support you with this concern if it’s something you are worried about.

Staining Teeth with Food and Drink

You no doubt know there are many types of food and drink that you should avoid if you want to have perfect white teeth. Common culprits for staining teeth include red wine and coffee, which you will want to be careful with if you drink high quantities of. While we all deserve a treat or our favourite drink once in a while, you’ll need to make sure you don’t overdo any food and drink items that cause staining. Dental around me can support you with teeth whitening if this is something you are looking for assistance with, but doing this the natural way by watching what you eat is a better long-term solution.

Improve Tooth Health

Calcium is known for offering support to teeth and bones, which is why parents often encourage young children to drink milk and consume food items containing high calcium content. Your teeth need to last you for many years, so consuming items that can improve their strength is a good idea. We recommend learning more about how diet affects oral health, so you can add the right food items to your diet while removing some of the high sugar food items which may cause more damage to your teeth.

Avoiding Sugar for Oral Hygiene

In small quantities, sugar is acceptable when looking at how diet affects your oral health. However, we start to see problems in our patients when people are constantly consuming sugary treats and not taking care of their teeth at the same time. If you consume food that’s high in sugar, you need to be extra careful to brush your teeth and floss. Avoiding plaque from building up and sugar getting stuck between your teeth can stop cavities developing. These often require a lot of dental treatment and can ruin the appearance and quality of your teeth in the long run. Sugar is something many of us need to cut back on for many health reasons, and you’ll see an improvement in your overall health and energy levels when you focus on how much sugar you consume.

There are many ways in which diet affects your oral health. By making small changes to the food and drink you consume on a daily basis, you can work to look after your oral health and teeth for years to come. It’s never too late to make a change to your routine, and we encourage you to think carefully about the food and drink you could cut out to make healthier choices. Get in touch with our team today with any questions you have on this topic or to book a dental appointment.

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