Look After Your Teeth This Christmas

The festive season is fast approaching, which means lots of delicious food, sugary drinks and as many sweets and chocolates as we can fit in our tummies – so it’s important to focus on oral health at this time to avoid having to go and see the emergency dentist in Manchester come the new year.

If you must consume sugary drinks, foods and sweets, try and limit it to mealtimes only and resist the urge to snack on them between meals. We produce a lot more saliva when we eat which neutralises the acids caused by bacteria and it also helps to rinse sugary substances and particles of food away.

Do your best not to snack in between meal times and try to brush your teeth twice a day this Christmas, not forgetting to clean between your teeth too with floss or brushes. It can be really easy just to fall into bed after a night of heavy drinking, but just make sure you brush your teeth first. Replace your toothbrush every four months or so, or invest in an electric one as the brushing is more efficient and it helps you remove more plaque.

Whilst going to the dentist may not be your favourite pastime, you can make sure that your trips are fast and easy if you can just get into a good oral hygiene routine. Ask your dentist for some advice on how to do this – they’ll be more than willing to help you to keep your mouth healthier.