Losing Milk Teeth: What To Do

All kids lose their teeth eventually but it can be hard to know what to expect and what to do when they first start being pushed out to make way for adult teeth. If you’re particularly worried or just want to find out a bit more, ask the private dentists Manchester city centre has available for some advice and follow our top tips to guide you through this part of parenting.

1. Don’t pull them out.

If your child has any loose teeth, there is no need to pull them out, even if tying a piece of string to a doorknob worked wonders for you. Let nature take its course – the tooth should eventually fall out without much effort and with little bleeding. If your child is brushing their teeth at the gum line, it may come out at this time.

2. Pain complaint?

Should your child be complaining about any pain, it may well be that his or her six-year molars are coming through. While babies teething can be a painful process, it typically isn’t for five or six-year-olds, so if pain persists, make sure you consult your local dentist.

3. Good brushing

Now that the new teeth have put in an appearance, it’s more important than ever that your kids brush well. Make sure you still supervise tooth-brushing time and that your child is using the appropriate amount of toothpaste. Replace the brushes every three months or so to help reduce any harmful bacteria and take your child to see a dentist twice a year.