Porcelain veneers

Are your front teeth crooked, chipped or discoloured?

Veneers are a highly effective way to quickly and comfortably transform your smile. A veneer is a very thin layer of porcelain or composite which is placed directly onto the surface of your tooth- just like a false fingernail would be put on your fingers.

They can be used to help cover chipped, discoloured or uneven teeth. You can have just one veneer to cover a damaged tooth or several which can make a dramatic difference- particularly if you have gaps or teeth which are out of line.

Veneers are very strong and natural looking and can be easily adjusted to match your other teeth. With good care and attention they can be last for many years.

How is a Veneer made?

Your veneer will be made from porcelain or composite and will be carefully selected to match the colour of your existing teeth. It is likely that you will require one or two appointments before the final fitting of your veneer to allow us to check-over and take impressions of your existing tooth. This is so that we can make sure the veneer fits comfortably and matches the size, shape and colour of your other teeth perfectly.

Does it hurt?

The removal of the shiny enamel on the surface of your tooth will be required in order to make sure the veneer sits flush with your other teeth. Veneers are very thin so this will be minimal (unlike with crowns and bridges which require significant removal of the tooth surface). This process can be done under a local anaesthetic so that you feel no pain although many people find they don’t need an anaesthetic at all.

The tooth is normally prepared during one appointment and you will be invited back for a fitting at a later date. A temporary veneer may be required in the meantime.

At your fitting appointment, the veneer will then be checked for fit to make sure you are happy with it. Finally it will be fixed with a dental adhesive.

On the whole, the process should be pain-free and take no longer than an hour for final fitting- but this will depend on the number of veneers you require.