What is smilelign?

Teeth straightening, known within dentistry as Orthodontics, traditionally used metal brackets and ugly wires to straighten your teeth. By contrast, Smilelign is an invisible orthodontic aligner system that uses the latest 3D CADCAM technology on the UK dental market. It consists of a series of clear braces that move teeth in small increments – until they are in the desired position.

Many dental practices offer affordable finance packages for Smilelign. Please contact us or find your local provider using our search tool for more information.

  • Comfortable
  • Easy to Use
  • Invisible
  • Affordable
  • Clinically Effective

How Does Smilelign work?

  • Smilelign treatment is completed with a series of virtually invisible, removable aligners.
  • The aligners are changed every two to four weeks for the next stage.
  • The process can take as little as 10 weeks, depending on the alterations required.
  • Each aligner is custom-made to your specifications to provide optimum results.
  • You will wear the clear aligners until they have moved your teeth to the final position prescribed by your dentist.

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How to Straighten My Teeth?

So many of us wonder how to get straight teeth. With Smilelign, treatment is simple, quick and affordable. There are 4 very simple steps to getting your perfect smile with Smilelign Clear Aligners.

1. Visit us!

We are happy to talk you through the treatment and answer any questions you may have

2. Impressions or intra-oral scan of teeth

Your dentist will take some impressions of your teeth using a putty-type material, or they may take 3D images with an intra-oral scanner. These methods are totally painless and take only a couple of minutes.

3. Pre-Aligner Fitting

The aligners are custom-made in our laboratory. The Pre-aligner, along with before and after images of your teeth, will be sent to your dentist. Once happy, your dentist will contact us to tell us to complete the remainder of the aligners for your treatment.

4. Complete Treatment

Your dentist will monitor your Smilelign treatment as you progress through the aligners. At the end of treatment, it is strongly encouraged that you use a retainer to keep your teeth in their new position. Your dentist can advise further on this.

How Do My Teeth Move?

  • Your tooth movements will be meticulously planned from your dentist’s prescription by our ‘Scan & Plan’ service technicians.
  • Our technicians scan models of your teeth using cutting edge technology.
  • Each tooth movement is carefully decided using the Smilelign Ortho Studio Planning Software.
  • We produce a 3D animation that shows the movements your teeth will go through during the course of treatment.
  • This allows you to see how your teeth will look like at the end of your treatment and an opportunity to discuss any specific requirements you may have about how you would like your teeth to look.

Will It Affect My Lifestyle?

  • Smilelign clear braces are almost invisible
  • Teeth straightening with clear braces are tailored specifically for you they are as slim line and as comfortable as possible.
  • You will be able to undertake any work duties very easily.
  • Any minor speech issues or discomfort only last a couple of days
  • You can remove the aligners easily for a short space of time for an important meeting or event.
  • There are no ugly brackets or wires like conventional braces meaning you can still feel confident.
  • Smilelign clear braces can be removed for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing, so they don’t require additional hygiene appointments.

How to Straighten My Teeth? Let’s Compare Clear Braces to Metal And Fixed Braces

Thanks to Smilelign, metal braces can now be a practice of the past. Our invisible orthodontic aligners straighten misaligned teeth and, in the majority of cases, remove the need for fixed metal braces. See the chart below to compare Smilelign clear braces with traditional fixed orthodontic appliances.