Survey: 50% Of Children Have Dental Decay

Making regular appointments for your children with a high quality private dentist in Manchester is of the utmost importance if you are to prevent tooth decay, yet it would seem that many parents are failing to do this, with new research revealing that 50 per cent of youngsters show signs of this.

According to the Children’s Dental Health Survey, millions of young people are experiencing fear, embarrassment and eating problems because of their bad teeth, with over 25 per cent of British kids too afraid to smile.

Commenting on the fact that the poorest children have the worst teeth and those in deprived areas are twice as likely to have oral disease, professor Damien Walmsley of the British Dental Association remarked: “It’s a scandal that a child’s postcode or their parents’ income still determine whether they will grow up with healthy smiles or rotten teeth.”

He went on to note that excessive intake of sugary drink and food is the main cause of dental decay and behind the increase in obesity, so neither parents nor the government can afford to be complacent. Clear signals with regards to brushing, sugar and fluoride must be sent if the gap is going to be bridged, Mr Walmsley continued.

Instead of giving your children sugary drinks, opt for milk and water instead. Although juices can help people eat more fruit, they have a lot of sugar and acid in them so can do a lot of damage to your teeth if consumed throughout the day. Smoothies in particular can cause real problems, as the consistency means sugar is in contact with the teeth for longer.