The Advantages Of Invisible Braces

Invisible braces are one of the most exciting advancements in the dentistry industry within the last decades. If you’ve always wanted to straighten your teeth but don’t fancy the idea of putting a lot of metal in your mouth, invisible braces are a great idea for teenagers and adults. For anyone looking at invisible braces in Manchester, today we’re going to share the advantages of this type of braces and why you should consider them over more traditional teeth straightening options.

An Invisible Teeth Straightening Treatment

We don’t all want to advertise to the world that we are undergoing dental treatment. For that reason, an invisible solution such as Smilelign is a great option instead of metal braces. Whether you are a parent of a teenager who feels embarrassed to get braces or you are an adult who left straightening your teeth until later in life, you’ll find this is a more discreet option that will still effectively leave you with a dazzling smile. When you invest in invisible braces in Manchester you’ll be able to continue your work and everyday life without feeling like you have to hide your smile. Most people won’t even notice that you are wearing braces, so you can continue working towards that perfect smile while enjoying your everyday life.

Eat and Drink Your Favourite Snacks and Drinks

When you have metal braces in your mouth, you’ll find there’s a list of foods and drinks that you can’t consume during your treatment time. With teeth straightening treatments taking about six months for most patients, this can be quite disruptive to your everyday life. Popcorn, chewing gum, some candies, and hard fruits are difficult to eat with metal braces. For that reason, one of the biggest advantages of working with a Smilelign dentist is that you can eat and drink almost anything. You’ll just remove your trays as you start to eat, and then return them after you’ve finished eating and brushed your teeth. Nothing can get caught in the trays for that reason, so you’ll be able to keep your teeth in good condition while enjoying your favourite snacks.

Keep Your Teeth in Good Condition

Maintaining good oral hygiene can be a challenge when you wear metal braces for many months. When you finally remove metal braces, you may notice marks on your teeth. There is also an increased chance of cavities, which can result in more dental work such as fillings. Metal braces make it harder to brush your teeth well and flossing can be impossible for some people. One of the great things about working with a Smilelign dentist in Manchester is that you’ll easily be able to remove the trays of your invisible braces before you put them back in after brushing your teeth as you usually would. Most people avoid cavities if they retain their normal routine, so as you can see, it’s a good reason to consider invisible braces.

Minimal Chance of Damage to the Braces

Metal braces often result in emergency treatment and visits to your dentist. When you use invisible braces, you’ll find the chance of this type of treatment decreases as they can’t snap or break. Our team will always be here to support you if you do find you have issues with your teeth or braces, but we see a much lower number of emergency treatments with invisible braces than we do with metal braces.

An Effective Option for Patients of Any Age

No matter your age, it’s never too late to consider getting invisible braces. Many of us notice our teeth shifting as we age, which means that crowding is a huge concern. One of the best ways to improve your confidence is to have a winning smile, which anyone can achieve with our help. Our team will work with you to assess the current condition of your teeth before putting together a treatment plan to help you reach your dental goals. It’s never too late to start this work, but we also assist kids and teens who are ready for braces and don’t want a mouth full of metal as they are growing up. We can also offer other complementary treatments that work with invisible braces to give you a perfect smile.

Are you ready to improve your smile in a non-invasive and effective way this year? Invisible braces are a great way to achieve this and are suitable for patients of all ages. Our team will be here to support you during your teeth straightening journey and ensure that you end up with the results you’ve always dreamed of. Contact us today to learn more about invisible braces and to book your initial appointment to discuss your suitability for this treatment. We’ll be here at any time to answer your questions about this treatment and support you with your oral hygiene in the future.