The Best Types of Braces for Kids

Different types of braces for kids

If your child is starting to feel shy about their smile and appearance, then braces are something you might want to consider in the near future. Once your child’s adult teeth have come through, you can start to get a better idea of the alignment of their teeth and whether they’ll need some support in improving their smile. Today we’re going to take a look at the best type of kids braces on offer and how you can work with your child to make them feel more confident in their everyday life. Contact us today to learn more about aligners for kids and to discuss the best option for your child’s unique needs.

What are the Best Type of Braces for Kids?

When discussing braces for children, the choice you’ll have is between metal and invisible braces for kids. Metal braces were the most common option in the past, but there are things to consider when it comes to wearing this type of braces. If children use metal braces, there’s a chance their teeth could end up marked or with cavities. It’s much harder to clean your teeth well when wearing metal braces as they are attached to the teeth at all times. Especially if your son or daughter is not the best at brushing their teeth anyway, you’ll find that Smilelign braces in Manchester might be a better solution.

There are many reasons that invisible braces are the best option for children looking to improve their smile. Invisible braces can help children to remain confident when they are straightening their teeth, as unless someone comes up close to them, it’s very unlikely that you will know they have Smilelign for kids. You’ll also find that the overall health of the teeth is improved as brushing is so much easier with this type of braces. It allows you to properly monitor your child’s brushing and ensure that they don’t miss any teeth or risk developing cavities as a result of braces.

Invisible Children’s Braces – How the Process Works

Our team is very experienced when it comes to Smilelign for kids. If you are thinking about investing in this treatment for your child, you’ll want to start by booking them an appointment to discuss smile aligners Manchester and the current concerns you have about your child’s teeth. We’ll be able to look at the alignment of their teeth and discuss what their perfect smile would look like. In order to create the aligners that will be used throughout the treatment process, we will take impressions of the teeth. Kids will be very impressed with the technology involved in this modern dental treatment to get amazing results for our clients.

From there, the trays can be created to work towards the perfect smile for your child. Every single one of our clients receives their own treatment plan, as we know no two individuals have the same goals or concerns when it comes to improving their smile. Once you start using the trays, appointments are needed about once a month to check on the progress of the treatment and ensure you are on track for the best results. These appointments are nothing for kids to worry about, as they are just simple checks to see that the treatment is working in the desired manner. If needed, we can review any concerns you have about the treatment and it’s important that kids feel open to discussing any questions they have when they see us.

How Long Does Smilelign Take to Work?

There is no single answer for the time period of Smilelign treatments. Each client that we work with will have their own plan in place. The length of time it takes for this treatment to work will be based on your concerns and how long we think is needed to fix crooked teeth, overlapping teeth, or an overbite. The time this takes is well worth investing, as this is something that will improve your overall confidence and appearance for years to come. The earlier you can have braces, the less likely you will be to worry about getting them in your teenage or adult years, when it might not be so convenient to come for regular appointments.

There are so many reasons why we recommend invisible braces as the best type of braces for kids. We encourage you to look at the option of Smilelign for your son or daughter, who will appreciate how discreet and easy it is to improve their smile. The sooner you can support your child in improving their teeth, the more confident they’ll feel about tackling any challenges that come their way later on in life. Contact us today to book an initial appointment with our team or to discuss any questions you have about the best types of braces for kids.