Tooth Decay In 3 Year Olds Worrying

Parents are being advised to focus on the dental care of their children, following the publication of a new survey revealing that 12 per cent of three year olds have decay, caused by eating too many sugary drinks and food too often. Sound concerning? Now could well be the time to take your child to see the best dentists Manchester has available if so.

The Public Health England (PHE) study indicated that there was a wide variation of decay prevalence across the UK, ranging from two per cent to 34 per cent, although the vast majority – some 88 per cent – of youngsters in this age bracket had no decay whatsoever.

To help adults monitor their youngsters’ dental health, the organisation is recommending that they reduce the amount and frequency of sugary drinks and foods given to kids, as well as avoiding adding any sugar to weaning consumables. In addition, it is best practice to start brushing teeth as soon as the first tooth appears and adults should supervise brushing until their children are around eight years old.

Furthermore, teeth need to be brushed twice a day, once just before bedtime, using fluoride toothpaste. A pea-sized amount of paste should be used from the age of three, while younger children should only be given a smear on their brush.

“Tooth decay is an entirely preventable disease, which can be very painful and even result in a child having teeth removed under general anaesthetic, which is stressful for children and parents alike,” director of dental public health at PHE Dr Sandra White remarked.

She further advised parents to take their children to see the dentist as they will be able to tell you how best to keep your offspring’s gums and teeth healthy for as long as possible.