Tailored Monthly Membership Plans

Caring for all your family’s dental needs with the best price.

General Dentistry

General dentistry

All aspects of dentistry from check ups and fillings to complex crowns, implants and full smile makeovers 

Preventive dentistry

Advice and treatment to help prevent problems in the future – prevention is better than cure 

Treatment for children

We look after children and simply getting used to the dental environment through the complex phase of mixed dentition (deciduous [baby] and permanent [adult] teeth  

Mouth cancer detection

We provide a thorough examination which includes looking for anything “unusual” and ongoing care where necessary

Smile gallery

We can provide examples of our work to give you the best information to help you make your cosmetic decisions 

Nervous patients

We have the time and care to help put you at ease and provide the most caring approach for your individual dental requirements 

Cosmetic Dentisty

Cosmetic dentistry

Comprehensive smile care: addressing all dental aspects for a perfect smile.


This is a covering to the front of a tooth to help with your cosmetic requirements. Usually little or no tooth needs to be removed.  

Teeth whitening

We provide a simple and cost effective approach to whitening/brightening your smile 

Composite Fillings

Tooth coloured fillings 

Tooth reshaping

This is often a simple process of adding or taking away a little bit of tooth to help improve a cosmetic element of your smile


The use of adjact teeth to “bridge” a gap where there is a missing tooth 


A filling that is made in a laboratory and then cemented in place. This is sometimes a better or only option for a specific restoration 

Life-like crowns

The full coverage of the top of the tooth which may be provided for a number of reasons. We can effectively make a crown (tooth) any colour, shape and size to match the rest of your teeth 


This is a covering to the front of a tooth to help with your cosmetic requirements. Usually little or no tooth needs to be removed. 



There are lots of different systems to straighten your teeth. We can offer a relatively simple, cost effective and minimally invasive way of moving your teeth to provide you with the smile you have always dreamed of. 


Bruxism symptoms

A significant number of people grind there teeth especially in their sleep. We can help diagnose and offer treatment options to help 


We can help ad advise on ways to improve your sleep quality and reduce if not eliminate snoring 

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