What Is A Root Canal?

If you’ve been having dental problems and are concerned that you might need a root canal, it’s always best to make an appointment with a Manchester private dentist to help put your mind at ease. Remember – such issues will not go away on their own and could become worse if you don’t see a qualified dentist as soon as you can.

Root canals are simply a dental procedure used to treat infections in the middle of your teeth, caused by bacteria that invade the tooth, which can happen after leaky fillings, as a result of tooth decay or if the teeth have sustained a trauma such as a fall.

Each of your teeth contains dental pulp, made up of soft tissue that includes blood vessels and nerves. If this becomes infected by bacteria, this pulp will start to die which can help spread bacteria through your mouth. This bacteria will eventually come out of the end of the root canal and cause your tissue to become red and swollen, resulting in painful teeth and even a swollen face.

In order to treat the problem, the bacteria has to be removed either by taking the tooth out or removing the bacteria (which is what the root canal treatment involves.

Typically, you would be given a local anaesthetic for this treatment, so you don’t have to worry about the pain. In fact, it should be no more troublesome than going for a normal filling, so if you do have a phobia of the dentist, bear this in mind when you make your appointment. For those with serious phobias, make sure you chat to your dentist about this before going for the procedure.

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